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  • What is the role of the Speech Langauge Pathologist?
    • Screens students when teacher or parents have concerns about speech or language
      Performs Speech-Language evaluations for students suspected of having potential problems with speech-language skills
      Provides direct and/or consultative service for Friedell students with speech-language disorders
      Consults with parents and teachers concerning Speech-Language development and concerns
      Serves as a member of the Child Study Team
      Works collaboratively with special education teachers
      Completes mandated Individual with disability Education Act (IDEA) paperwork such as Individualized Education Plans (IEP) etc

  • I have concerns about my child's speech or language who do I contact?
    • If you have concerns about your child's speech or language development, contact the main office and ask for the speech therapist.  

  • What is the speech language referral process?
    • Students are identified as needing an evaluation for speech and language services through parents, teachers, or even the students themselves. The process usually takes about 3 months from the initial referral to the time services begin if they are necessary. The following 7 steps are included in the process.
      1) The process begins with the initial referral.
      2) After the referral has taken place then the student is discussed at the Child Study meeting. This meeting discusses the concerns the teacher or parent has about the student. At the meeting it is decided which interventions will be completed.
      3) There needs to be 2 different interventions each for 3 weeks in length completed by the general education teacher to determine if the concerns can be corrected in the general education setting.
      4) If the interventions in the general education setting were not successful then the student will receive a special education evaluation. This evaluation may include a team including the special education teacher, school psychologist, school nurse, school social worker, Occupational therapist, physical therapist and input from the parents and teachers. The evaluation process takes 30 days.
      5) The evaluation team will hold a meeting to discuss the results and at that time if the student is eligible to receive services this will be discussed as well.
      6) If the student has been identified as being eligible for speech and/or language services the sessions will begin after the parents have signed the Individual Education Plan.
      7) Students will begin coming to see the speech language pathologist for services.  

  • How long will my child receive speech services?
    • There is no exact answer for this question. The amount of time a student receives speech services for depends on a variety of factors including, age of the child, severity of disorders, the amount of effort and time a student puts into correcting the errors, and the desire to improve. Each student's plan is individualized and is tailed to meet the needs of that student.  
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