Washington District-Wide

Elementary School

Washington Elementary School

Student Enrollment: 351

School Colors: Red, White, and Blue

School Mascot: Dolphin

Class Sizes: 
Kindergarten=16 (3 half-day classes)
Grade 1 = 21 (3 classes)
Grade 2 = 29 (2 classes)
Grade 3 = 29 (2 classes)
Grade 4 = 29 (2 classes)
Grade 5 = 29 (2 classes)

Mission: Washington is a Core Knowledge school where children build a solid foundation of essential knowledge, skills, and character, which develops well-educated citizens and continuous learners.

In 2007, Washington was named as a No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School, the highest honor bestowed to schools by the U. S. Department of Education. The Blue Ribbon School program recognizes schools for consistently high student achievement or making substantial gains in student achievement.

Washington Elementary is one of four district-wide choice schools in the Rochester Public Schools. It opened as a choice program in September, 1996. Washington School is committed to high academic achievement through the use of textbook-based reading, language, and math programs for grades K-5, and a content-rich curriculum for science, health, social studies, and fine arts. Classic literature, poetry, famous quotes, and a deliberate focus on character development are all features of the program. The curriculum is based on the Core Knowledge Sequence, a body of information and skills that has been recommended as essential knowledge for well-educated citizens. It builds a solid foundation of knowledge in world and American history, geography, science, literature, and the fine arts that prepares students for life-long learning. 

Another important aspect of the school is close communication and collaboration between parents and staff. Parents are expected to support the students' completion of regular homework assignments that reinforce classroom instruction and provide enrichment activities. A site council, with representatives from parents and staff, work with the principal to make policy decisions for the school within the authority granted to the site by the school board. 

Registration forms are available in the Washington School office. As for all choice schools, transportation is provided by the school district for students who live more than 1.25 miles from the Washington School site at 1200 NW 11th Avenue. 

For more information, call the Principal of Washington School (328-3800) or the Director of Elementary and Secondary Education (328-4300).

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